Founder & Vision

Who are we ?

Who are We

AFRIMOTHEP is an independent consulting and recruitment firm, founded by Prince TENKAM YANTIO.

The partners of the firm:

Mr Amit CHALOO, entrepreneur, General Manager LVMH Watches & Jewelry (2014-2018)

Mr Thao WONG, entrepreneur and founder of TEKNOBOX​

AFRIMOTHEP CONSULTING & MANAGEMENT provides services to companies around the world with a focus on Africa

financial services departments

information systems departments

strategic and development projects

services to Human Resources departments


The firm supports companies in the modernization of management tools, the digital transformation of their activities and the full control of their operations. We actively help our clients to improve their performance with a highly operational methodology, with results proven by our professional experiences.

Digitization undoubtedly allows managers to better understand the operations of their companies, benefit leverage action take well thinked and quick decisions in an ever-changing ecosystem.

AFRIMOTHEP MULTIMEDIA & COMMUNICATION offers free advice to primo entrepreneurs and investors through videos.

The AFRIMOTHEP FOUNDATION gives free advice to all economic agents including small traders who wish to develop their activities through training workshops and intervenes in the social field.