Founder & Vision

Our Vision

Our Vision

AFRIMOTHEP starts from an idea: We want to participate in the digital revolution in Africa by supporting companies in their modernization and digital transformation (see Our commitments ), by advising first-time entrepreneurs through our videos and by volunteering support for agents modest economic growth in the development of their activities through our foundation .

The concepts of innovation and innovation coincide with the idea of ​​making digitization and innovation essential components of Africa ‘s development in the twenty – first century.

Our ambition is to orchestrate the sustainable transformation of our clients’ activities, organizations and operations thanks to our expertise , our know-how and our efficient and user-friendly working methods. The digital transformation concerns both the modernization of management tools and the implementation of web projects such as intranets, extranets, internets, social networks, attaching great importance to the security of your information systems (see Our services ) …

Our methodology is based on our field experiences and missions for our clients in all continents and especially in Africa. We analyze the specificity of your operating and IT environment and we provide tailor-made solutions to all your problems.

AFRIMOTHEP supports its customers from an operational point of view in the modernization of their operations by putting in place the management tools adapted to your company. Total understanding of your operations and your business is the key success factor of our approach. It is truly a co-construction of the transformation of your activities. The recipe for success lies in our shared commitment.

We have worked in several groups and have varied experiences in different trades. These different experiences allowed us to understand the strategic evolution of the business of a company, all the operational implications and the stakes for the employees.

We put your employees at the center of your modernization project for your company.

We are establishing a sustainable partnership program with our clients to carry out their transformation project. We embody this wonderful utopia thanks to a rigorous methodology and a scientific approach.

AFRIMOTHEP brings holistic solutions by accompanying you on all the dimensions of the digital transformation of your company.