Cosmetologist born in Cameroon, Princess Gillette LEUWAT is one of the pioneers of the “return to the natural hair”, a visionary of our time. Graduated with a Masters in Finance and Management from Paris-Dauphine University, she began her career as an accountant at Banque Indosuez, then left finance to head towards cosmetics.

During her stays in Cameroon, she noted with admiration that the hair and skin of the inhabitants of the villages were beautiful and healthy due to the use of natural products. She then learned hair care modernized the ancestral African practices. Gillette develops a range of 100% natural products for hair and skin treatments and care. Natural food cosmetics is developing within her company, STUDIO GILLETTE LEUWAT, created in 2001. Before the surge of BIO, she offers men to “deify their beauty” thanks to natural products based on nutrients from the plant worlds and mineral.

Gillette is also a determined woman who is committed to the promotion of the African pharmacopoeia and to the stopping of dangerous practices (straightening, stripping of the skins). His opponents are maneuvering for the French state to close its structure but without success. On the contrary, she created the summit of Divine Beauty in Paris in 2012.

Gillette dies early in Paris on November 07, 2019.