Methodology and Partnership



The use of agile and efficient methodology within AFRIMOTHEP allows a co-construction of the solutions to bring to your projects, a controlled management of the projects by respecting the deadlines, by efficiently using the financial resources and the availability of your teams.

The main steps of our methodology:o contribute Analysis of your economic environment

  • Establishment of project management bodies
  • Customer mirror project team to co-build solutions
  • Drafting specifications
  • Definition of key project milestones
  • Proposal of solutions and validation by the steering authorities
  • Implementation of solutions
  • Monitoring the impact of the implementation of solutions and training teams

The AFRIMOTHEP methodology ensures that deadlines and assignment of tasks are fully respected and that the progress of the project corresponds to the client’s expectations.

Planning also plays a crucial role in the management of our projects. We identify the tasks to be performed, prioritize them, define the deliverables, validated by the project instances, and assign resources. Retro planning is our roadmap and the key management tool to support our customers from project launch to delivery.