Recruitment (placement)

We assist your company in the search for a highly qualified professional to take over an operational management or the Financial Department of your company.

Deliverables and implementation:

Advice and assistance of customers for the definition of needs, customer visits to identify recruitment, definition of positions and negotiations

Managing recruitment and conducting recruitment in order to study the match between the technical and behavioral skills of the candidate, and advice to the client and the candidate.

Finance transition management

We ensure the missions of the Finance Department of your company in a complex situation.

Deliverables and implementation:

Definition of objectives and missions (with indicators of success)

Mission monitoring and monthly reporting to senior management

Price of our Services

Average Daily Rate 2020: Between 100 euros and 1000 euros.
Our rates vary depending on the complexity of your activities, the profile of the consultant and the country of intervention.
We are available to understand your needs and learn more about our expertise. Contact us!