Finance & Audit

Business Audit : financial audit and internal control

Financial audit and internal controlling enable you to identify the operational and financial risks of your business. At the end of the audit you will be able to detect irregularities, understand the operation, have arguments to convince new partners, reassure your partners / shareholders on the good conduct of your company.

Deliverables and implementation:

Internal audit report with operational recommendations

Business controlling : reporting, budget process, Profitability analysis

The controlling management of your company is fundamental and consists in defining the objectives, the indicators of activity, the measure of performance of the company. The controlling optimizes financial profitability and helps management to define a coherent and effective overall strategy.

Deliverables and implementation:

Procedures and management tools (reporting tools, dashboards, indicators …)

Processes and objectives of budgets (definition of budget procedures, analysis and synthesis of budget data, follow-up of accounting closures …)

Cash Management : Cash, forecasts and banking negotiations

Improving the cash management should be at the heart of your financial strategy. Cash management allows you to better control financial flows and cash flows, to improve the collection of information and to identify any liquidity risks that could impact your company.

Deliverables and implementation:

Management of cash flow forecasts (cash budget)
Centralization of payments and receipts
Banking relationships and conditions
Management of the WCR
Treisury tools (Information System)

Contracts Management: customer contracts and supplier contracts

We perform an exhaustive review of your company’s main contracts in order to renegotiate the most favorable clauses to protect your assets and optimize financial conditions.

Accounting Services: Accounting

The orderly recording of your company’s operations must be done in a normative and efficient way to reduce the production time of the monthly accounts.

Deliverables and implementation:

We conduct an analysis of the environment of the accounting department of your company, the operating procedures to reduce monthly closing times.

We perform analysis of the information system of your accounting and optimization of operations.​

Finance Management: financial organization

In large companies, the tasks of each department of the financial department must be clearly defined. A clear separation of duties is essential in the financial department.

In a one-person company, these tasks are often performed by the company manager or a chartered accountant.

Deliverables and implementation:

Proposal and establishment of an ad hoc organization.​

Cost Management

We perform exhaustive analysis of expenses including external purchases and staff to optimize the resources of your company.

Review and audit of operational processes: Existing analysis and implementation of optimization levers (Lean management).

Deliverables and implementation:

Cost optimization program

Organizational audit report and recommendations

Review of contracts and recommendations.​

Price of our Services

Average Daily Rate 2020: Between 100 euros and 1000 euros.
Our rates vary depending on the complexity of your activities, the profile of the consultant and the country of intervention.
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