Commitments & Foundation



Participate in the digital and sustainable development of Africa

The world is changing around new technologies with new management and investment models. Companies that survive this digital revolution will have to survive because of their ability to integrate new technologies and new ways of working.

The African continent is entering its digital transition period and AFRIMOTHEP wishes to contribute to the democratization of collaborative working methods and new management solutions.

Economic agents (traders …) and institutional professionals benefit from advice through participation in workshops organized by the FOUNDATION.

AFIMOTHEP MULTIMEDIA & COMMUNICATION offers free advice to first time entrepreneurs in videos.

Create value for shareholders / associates / managers and our customers’ employees

Our interventions allow our customers to benefit from new levers to increase their wealth by optimizing their operations and increase their productivity with new tools. This is about finding sustainable growth.

Share our knowledge, methods, techniques, know-how and know-how

The co-construction of modernization solutions for your company is at the heart of our approach. Also the exchanges of knowledge and methods are in all circumstances permanent during our interventions between the AFRIMOTHEP project team and the mirror project team at the client.